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Designers of Architechural Sound & Video Systems


 Phantom Sound & Video

Designers of Architechural Sound & Video Systems


Niles In-Wall Soundbar

Niles reinvents the soundbar category with the Cynema Soundfield. The world's first in-wall soundbar!

Without Cutting or Drilling Wall Studs, Unique In-Wall Soundbar Combines Simple Installation With a Modular Design and Offers Unprecedented Flexibility in Speaker Placement for Powerful Audio Performance

Niles introduces the industry’s first in-wall soundbar with the unveiling of its new Cynema Soundfield™ in-wall soundbar system. A radical departure from traditional soundbars, the Cynema Soundfield features a revolutionary in-wall mounting system that allows it to be perfectly centered under flat-panel displays without the hassle of cutting or drilling wall studs. Born of Niles’ long history of creating unique solutions for installers, the modular system dramatically simplifies installation and offers the flexibility to place speakers exactly where needed for the ultimate in audio performance while providing an aesthetically pleasing look.

The Cynema Soundfield system is available in three active models and one passive model in lengths of 48 inches, 55 inches, and 65 inches to match today’s most popular display sizes.

Easy to Install -Mounting system allows for ideal placement of LCR speakers in any existing stud configuration
Superior Sound - Self contained sealed speaker modules cleverly tuck down and into the wall for outstanding performance in a minimal amount of space
Seamless and Simple - The system's 30 watt per channel Amplifier Module can learn remote functions for simple integration. The Auto-Sensing amplifier lets the system function as a seamless extension of the TV's control (Amplified models only).
Unobtrusive Appearance - Magnetically attached paintable MicroPerf grille provides a nearly invisible look


Atlantic Technology PB-235

PB-235 Powered Soundbar with H-PAS Technology

The World's only Soundbar that doesn't require a subwoofer!

"Atlantic Technology's H-PAS PowerBar is a marvelous combination of affordability, performance and simplicity. It's home theater in a better box!" - Darryl Wilkinson Home Theater Magazine


The H-PAS PowerBar 235 is a 43" long powered soundbar that delivers multi channel high-fidelity sound for your home entertainment system. It features Atlantic's H-PAS bass system, which produces deep, distortion-free bass without the need for a subwoofer!

Using just two 4" woofers, the H-PAS PowerBar 235 reaches down to a solid 47Hz at very high theater-like SPL's, for an absolutely convincing and totally satisfying sonic experience. Because of its extended frequency response and dynamics, the H-PAS PoweBar 235 is the first soundbar where the subwoofer is truly optional. It is a perfect standalone solution!

H-PAS Bass System: H-PAS (Hybrid Pressure Acceleration System) is a unique, patented bass system that combines the best of four bass technologies: acoustic suspension, inverse horn, bass reflex, and transmission line. By cascading the four technologies onto one another in a precise, matematically-determined formula, H-PAS achieves extremely deep bass response from small woofers in a compact enclosure, with no requrements for a high powered amplifier. Hence no subwoofer needed! It is a perfect standalone solution that represents a quantum leap in both acoustic technology and user convenience! Perfect for an easy home theater in a master bedroom or any room that you want dominated by additional speakers.

The H-PAS Powerbar 235 is powered by an on-board amplifier that supplies 80 total watts RMS. It also boasts a sophisticated Digital Signal Processing with Dolby Digital® and DTS that delivers 2 channel sound and effectively develops a 3 or 5 channel experience for total listener immersion in the video program. It includes a simple remote control, but can also be used with most universal remotes


Feature List

  • User Switchable Display USD™: Can be "flipped" to read correctly whether unit is "right side up" or "upside down"
  • Multi Channel DSP using Dolby Digital® and DTS: Creates a 2, 3 or 5 channel virtual sonic landscape for immersive sound
  • Auto Detect Dolby and DTS for best sound enhanced mode
  • Lockable front panel buttons for secure settings 
  • Front and Rear IR sensors
  • Includes a simple remote; but can also be used with most universal remotes
  • Rear panel Sub out jack for optional subs (IF you're an incorrigible bass hound)



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